Baby Clothing Collaboration with Ann + Reeves Kids

Back in 2022, I was working a pop up show selling Flower and Vine products at a large show when a kind face came into my booth. That kind face was Elizabeth Kendrick of Ann + Reeves Kids. She was also selling her line of cute kids clothing at the same pop-up show, and had stopped by to say hello. We exchanged information, and she floated the idea of collaborating on a few watercolor patterns that could be used on kids clothing and products up ahead.

Fast forward one year, and after a really great and smooth partnership of working together, the first round of those products is now available! 

Check out these adorable newborn gowns and blankets, available in both blue and pink and featuring a happy pattern of Flower and Vine baby icons! These are available online here.

This was my first large pattern collaboration for baby clothes, and I hope it will not be my last! I'm so thankful for Elizabeth for taking me on to tackle this project, and love seeing these being used around the country!! Check out the baby blankets and newborn outfits and let me know what you think!

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