Coloring Pages!

Remember in March 2020, right as the pandemic started, when we all buckled down and tapped into our creative sides? Baking bread, living room yoga, and new crafting hobbies emerged. Along with a mix of so many positive and negative things that the pandemic brought about, I am thankful for the awareness of the need to re-center, calm down, and play within the boundaries of the current moment.

While life is back to normal these days, I'm reminded of a few simple creative activities that I'd like to continue and build into my day-to-day life. One of those is playful, mindless coloring. I have heard from several of you that have found coloring books to be a great source of joy in recent years, and have been inspired myself to take time to simply color!

Enjoy these two coloring sheets -- printable on standard computer paper and ready to go! Just right click the images and download, then print to your home printer! Print out a few and hand them off to your kiddos. Color them in with crayons or markers. Complete the drawing and mail it off to your Aunt a few states away. Have fun!!

Lastly, if you or your loved ones spend time coloring these sheets, send me a picture or tag me on instagram @Flowerandvine !! I love seeing what you are up to!

Much love to you!

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